History comes to life at Hampton National Historic Site on October 22nd during their Harvest Day event!

Harvest Day traditionally commemorates the the day that agricultural communities would harvest their crops and store them for the winter. Large plantations, such as the Hampton Estate, for many years relied on enslaved and indentured labor in order to make this happen. Neighbors would also work together to ensure everyone’s crops were cultivated. The work was was grueling and difficult, especially for those forced to labor on land that they did not own, to gather food and materials that they would not benefit from. Hampton NHS’s Harvest Day is filled with hands-on activities, kids programming, demonstrations, and ranger led programming.

Visitors can learn from living history stations from 11 AM  4 PM that include blacksmith stations, apple cider pressing, 19th century open fire cooking, butter churning, corn crib harvesting, and more. Enjoy live music, experience a “19th century husking party,” and take a mansion or farm tour. Young visitors can complete special activities throughout the day and become a Harvest Day Junior Ranger.

Hampton National Historic Site is located in Towson, Maryland. 

For more information about Hampton National Historic Site and this event, visit their website.