Social Studio wants you — and your kids — to make art for others! This month, they are hoping to create 1000 encouragement cards for Baltimore Hunger Project to include in their weekend food bags.

But they can’t do it without you!

Located Roland Park, Social Studio offers a variety of workshops, drop-in art projects, after school activities, toddler art mornings, and “Schools Out” sessions for kids. (Yes, they offer art workshops and studio sessions for adults, too!). But the studio not just about helping everyone engage in creative processes. Founder Genie Arnot has designed it to be a place for connection, empowerment, and community.

That’s where making art for others comes in!

Baltimore Hunger Project delivers over 1000 weekend food bags to food insecure children in Baltimore City and Baltimore County. Each bag includes encouragement card to provide a bit of inspiration and connection.

All you need to make your cards is a 3X5 card, markers, and a few minutes!

Make Art for Others

Social Studio is offering a drop-in “Create a Card” session on Monday, October 18 from 3 PM – 5 PM for kids and adults ages 8 and older. Drop by, make a card, and help them brighten the day!

For more information about upcoming Make Art for Others projects, follow Social Studio on Instagram and Facebook. Genie will also be at our Moms Night Out event on October 28th. You’ve got your ticket, right?


Editor’s Note: Photo is from Social Studio’s Facebook Page.