This Halloween, The Charmery is encouraging everyone to have ice cream for dinner. But they don’t mean skip the meal and go straight to dessert.  They mean eat ice cream that’s crafted from dinner. It’s a challenge to suspend your perception of what you know ice cream to be.

Brave enough to try it?

Usually, the ice cream tastemasters whip up gross-you-out flavors for their annual Fear Factory Challenge. But this year, they’re serving up dinner — ice cold. One flavor? Cheddar and Broccoli Soup ice cream. Another? Coconut Shrimp. Or maybe Cacio e Pepe (the rustic Italian pasta) flavored ice cream piques your pallate? They’ll be announcing the final two flavors on social media this week

On Friday, October 29th anytime between 4-10PM at The Charmery Ice Cream Factory, guests can participate in the Fear Factory challenge for $10, which includes a baby scoop of each of the five flavors. Costumes optional, bravery required. Capture your reaction and post it to social media for a chance to win free ice cream. Details can be found here.

Can’t make it to the Ice Cream Factory on Friday? Starting on Wednesday, October 27th, thrill-seeking at-home ice cream tasters can purchase individual packages with scoops to-go of all five flavors, available in limited quantities at The Charmery Hampden, Towson, and Columbia.



Editor’s Note: Images from The Charmery’s Instagram Account