The Children’s Bookstore has been delighting pint-sized bookworms around Baltimore since 1979. It’s been in several locations — near Cross Street Market, then Harbor Place, then Roland Park. In the fall of 2019, they relocated and opened their doors in Lauraviile.

This week, they announced that they will close their doors later this month.

July 25th is their last day of business. That means you have just a week or so to stock-up on summer reads or find a favorite new author. We love their eclectic, diverse collection of books for babies through young adult. Owner Melissa Doty has worked at the bookstore since she was a teenager and is a walking encyclopedia of kidlit! Go in and see her before they close.

The Children’s Bookstore is located at 4717 Harford Road in Lauraville. You can also find them on Facebook.

We wish our friends at TCB the very very best!