We love when gorgeous color and design meets function– which is why we really love Sunshine Street, created by Ellicott City mom Nicole Gable!

“Every year during the holidays, my sisters and I (I have 4) each pick something fun and creative to make. The “Christmas Craft” has become quite the tradition!” said Nicole. “A few years back my Christmas Craft was a cork clutch. After that, friends started asking me to make them, and over time, Sunshine Street evolved!”

Nicole designs have expanded from clutches to tote bags, mini totes, wristlets and other accessories from beautiful cork.

Cork is beautiful and fun. It comes in TONS of colors and patterns. Even better? It’s a renewable resource and harvesting the bark of the cork oak tree actually helps oxygenate the tree and keeps it healthier.

Moms love cork because it’s water resistant and wipes clean. No protective spray, no need to worry about rain, or spills clean up easily.

“Most people don’t know that cork is uber soft. It is like sensory therapy” said Nicole.

Made by Mom | Sunshine Street

What might surprise you to know about Nicole is that she’s also a pediatrician that specializes in treating kids with ADHD and dyslexia.

“I am passionate about helping kids become who they were meant to be before us adults push them down a different path. Engrossed in the wonderful world of medicine I always felt I was missing part of who I was. Starting Sunshine Street helped me to get back to creativity, and helped me to feel whole.”

While Sunshine Street offers a variety of styles and price points, they are really known for their custom orders. Pick the perfect fabric and cork combo for you!

Made by Mom | Sunshine Street

“My goal as a pediatrician and as a maker is to help others find the joy in having a craft. I believe creativity helps us grow and work through difficult times in our lives. This does not always mean drawing, painting, or sewing. Your calling can be many things, the important part is being able to lose track of time being absorbed in self expression. It is this type of play that changes the way we look at the world and the joy we find in our everyday lives.”

To shop the whole collection, visit the Sunshine Street website!


Enter to Win a Custom Mini Tote!

One lucky (cool) progeny reader is going to win a mini tote from Nicole and Sunshine Street! The best part? You get to work with Nicole to customize your tote. (Isn’t that fabulous?!?)  To enter the giveaway, like this post on Instagram AND tag a friend in the Instagram comments that might like to win a custom tote, too!  

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