If you’ve wanted to try fly fishing with the kids, Great Feathers and its owner, Michael Watriss, is the place to get you started! The store is located near the Gunpowder River, one of the best places to fish for brook and brown trout in Maryland.

Great Feathers has a 2-hour introductory class every Saturday at their Sparks store location. The first hour of classroom instruction covers the equipment – rods, reels, lines, leaders, flies. Then you move outside to the lawn for the second hour and learn how to cast.

“If you can’t throw a flyrod correctly, you can’t fish,” says Michael.

Learn to FlyFish with Great Feathers

Michael, a dad of three, is no stranger to teaching kids. But he cautions parents to make sure their child is really ready to get behind the flyrod. Teenagers (those 14 and older) are welcome to take his Saturday class. If your child is younger than that, give him a call to discuss what’s best. It may be that the two of you can take the class together.

After your lesson — if you and your child has caught the bug — you will need to buy equipment ($169.00 for a rod, reel, line and leader, $2-20 each for a couple flies) and a Maryland DNR fishing license ($25.50, available at the store). Waders might be a good idea since the Gunpowder water temperature is in the 50s even in the summer, but not necessary to start.

Learn to FlyFish with Great Feathers

Then you are out on your own to fish in the Gunpowder, or you can hire a fishing guide through Great Feathers. 

MENTION US AND SAVE! Reservations are needed for the class. Mention (cool) progeny when you book the class and get a special $45 price.

Definitely one to add to your #CoolSummerFun Bucket List if you have older kiddos! 

Great Feathers

410.472.6799 | www.greatfeathers.com
Location: 14824 York Road, Sparks, MD