Looking for a fun (and free?) way to keep the kiddos entertained this summer? Take them on a Baltimore playground tour and scavenger hunt — courtesy of Baltimore Family Alliance!

“Charm city living means we don’t always have a personal patch of grass or backyard swing set. Luckily, Baltimore is full of playgrounds and parks to get out and enjoy with family and friends! We know that outdoor play is a COVID safe activity so pack a water bottle and sunblock and head out to explore a new to you playground,” writes BFA on their website.

Families can download the scavenger hunt from the BFA website and submit their answers here. Five answers earns you kids’ t-shirts. Answer ten and you’ll receive a family picnic blanket!


** Note: Our Playground at Stadium Place may be closed for most of the summer, according to a post on their Facebook page. Images in slider photo courtesy of the Mt. Vernon Children’s Park Facebook Page and Waterfront Partnership of Baltimore website.