This fall, there will be pint-sized Foxhounds on campus at St. James Academy. The school has announced a brand new “Young Foxhounds” preschool program for children ages two and three.

“We believe strongly in the foundational journey of our students who are engaged at an early age and become confident learners by their middle school years. Studies show that the formative years do not always leave clear memories; rather, they create lasting feelings,” said Charlotte Riggs, Head of School. “Our goal for our students is not only to support them in their educational journey but to give them positive feelings about their early academic years that will serve them well in their later years. We have heard much interest to tier down our Preschool program, so next fall, we will offer a twos and threes program for our young foxhounds. The Academy’s reputation for providing a solid educational foundation in PreK4 through 8th Grade makes this a natural next step for our school.”

The Young Foxhounds program is framed by a Reggio-Emilia philosophy. The curriculum will focus on important early childhood foundations for learning, including socialization skills, confidence, and curiosity. Young learners will be able to take advantage of the school’s 89-acre campus and experience a joyful, play-based learning environment infused with music and art. Preschoolers will be exposed to the wonderful St. James community, traditions, and expert teachers across all grades.


“Our teachers engage our young learners with engaging projects that encourage deep and long-lasting learning, while also inspiring a love of learning as well as a personal connection to their academic experience,” said Ian Clark, Lower School Head.

But exploration is just part of the Young Foxhound experience; the program also aims to cultivate the next generation of global citizens.

“As an Episcopal school, we value empathy and kindness. An inclusive community, St. James provides exceptional educational opportunities that foster relationships within the community that support our focus on graduating contributing members of our world,” said Charlotte.

Elizabeth (Betz) Connor has joined the St. James Academy team as the new Preschool Director. Betz has teaching experience at Hunts School and Providence Child Care and Learning Center and most recently worked closely with the Director at Pine Grove Tiny Tots. Betz also has a background in Music Education with a Bachelor’s in Vocal Performance from Catawba College and brings creativity, movement, and play-based lessons to her curriculum.

“I believe that children learn best in a play-based curriculum where discovery, observation, and movement are cultivated,” said Betz. “I’m excited to be part of a dynamic community of dedicated educators.”

Parents have a choice of sending their children two, three, or five days a week. After-school care is available as well.

Interested in enrolling your child? Email Betz Connor at [email protected] or visit St. James’ website. St. James Academy will host a Virtual Information Session about this new exciting program on Tuesday, March 30th, from 9 AM and 6:30 PM. Register here for the information session.


Editor’s Note: This article is sponsored by St. James Academy who wanted to get the word out about their exciting new program!