Any kid in the greater Baltimore metro area knows about Port Discovery — it’s the place with the giant boat and two-story slide! Parents know it as the go-destination when your kids need to shake the sillies out and the weather isn’t cooperating for a playground romp.

What you may not know is how our favorite local children’s museum is supporting the Baltimore community beyond their museum walls. Any when you do, you’ll definitely want to help us play it forward on April 9th!

5 Reasons to Love Port Discovery and Play It Forward

When COVID hit and the Museum closed, they didn’t stop the fun — they brought the play online.

Last spring, when the Museum needed to close because of COVID, they didn’t leave families in the lurch. Their education team sprung to action, devising content that could be delivered via their website and social media channels. Even as the Museum has reopened to the public several days per week, they are still offering online content. For example, families can tune into their Discovery Stage Series via Zoom and interactive with award-winning children’s performances. 

PlayPacks, PlayPacks, and more PlayPacks.

Port Discovery Children’s Museum has a mission to bring play to all kids, no matter what their circumstances. Through partnerships with Baltimore Hunger Project and Weekend Backpacks for Homeless Kids, Port Discovery distributes PlayPacks to children dealing with food insecurity and other difficult circumstances. Project PlayPack puts items like jump ropes, capes and masks, Play-Doh®, and building blocks directly into kids’ hands. 

They aren’t just supporting kids — they are powered by kids.

Did you know that Port Discovery has a Youth Advisory Council? Well, now you do! Port Discovery’s Youth Advisory Council is a program aimed at helping children build communication skills, develop leadership skills, build connections with others, and give them a voice in our Museum and in their community.   This year’s Youth Advisory Council program, funded by the Baltimore Children and Youth Fund, was held virtually from September 2020 to December 2020, and included 10 students from various Baltimore City Schools who met once a month with Port Discovery staff and artists. 

They provide on-going guidance for parents.

Need ideas for how to get your kids playing at home? Port Discovery has you covered with a treasure trove of information. At a moment in history when parents are burnt out, it’s hard to think about play. But play is so important for kids — especially now. Their easy tips and ideas will definitely help boost your parenting game.

Classes can’t visit — so they are offering virtual field trips!

Make slime, dissect an owl pellet, create cave paintings — the Museum has created a library of live educational experiences for classes, complete with material kits for students. Field trips might be canceled, but fun and learning definitely aren’t.

Play It Forward With Us!

(cool) progeny is a proud media sponsor of Play It Forward, Port Discovery’s annual fundraiser. Why? Well, in addition to the reasons outlined above, we love everything the museum stands for in terms of providing access to play. Play is going to be critical to the COVID-recovery era and we want to ensure Port Discovery — quite honestly one of our community’s greatest resources for families — is poised to meet the need.

Want to help us Play It Forward? Join the fun on Friday, April 9th at 7:30 PM! Tickets are $125 and include a box of goodies/snacks for two people. Our families will be there and we can’t wait to “see” you, too!

Can’t make the event? Make a donation. Every dollar helps.