Baltimore mom and author/illustrator Joyce Hesselberth has a brand new book coming out on May 11th– and if you pre-order Beatrice Was a Tree, you can get a limited edition signed print, too!

“Pre-orders help books get noticed,” wrote Joyce in a recent Facebook post. “So as a thank you, I’ve made this special little signed print. A limited number of them are available free when you order from The Ivy Bookshop.”

Joyce’s newest book is a sweet nod to daydreaming grounded in earth science: Beatrice dreams of becoming a tree. She grows roots and leaves, and she stretches her branches toward the sky. When it’s time to go to bed, Beatrice imagines how much fun it would be to stay outside with the trees all night long. If she were a tree, she would have a trunk and branches and lots of leaves. Her roots would reach deep. She would catch the morning sun with her limbs and cradle a bird’s nest in her branches. And when the air turned crisp, Beatrice would wait patiently for spring.

Like her previous books Mapping Sam, Pitter Pattern and Shape Shift, Joyce combines gorgeous illustrations and imaginative narratives with learning. In Mapping Sam, readers learn about how maps tell stories. In her other books, they learn all about patterns and shapes. In Beatrice Was a Tree, readers learn about tree anatomy,  how trees change with each season, a simple explanation of photosynthesis, and the book includes a checklist of animals that appear throughout the story.

To be eligible for the signed print (pictured above), you must pre-order through The Ivy Bookshop using this link. (And as Joyce mentioned in the post, only a limited number are available — so pre-order soon!)