Want to help make an Inner Harbor skate park a reality for the skateboarders in your life? Buy a hand-painted board and support Jake’s Skate Park!

Jake’s Skate Park — named in memory of Jake Owen, an avid skater and sports lover who was killed at five-years-old by a cell phone-distracted driver in 201 — is currently under construction at Rash Field. 

This week, Waterfront Partnership announced that it is hosting a virtual fundraiser and online auction on April 8th and 9th. Patrons can bid on hand-painted skateboard decks from 50 professional and amateur artists from the Baltimore community including Robert McClintock, Crystal Moll, Baltimore skateboard professional Joey Jett, and others. 

“With construction on the skatepark now underway, we are so close to making Jake’s Skate Park a reality. Working with the Owen family and partners like professional skateboarder and Baltimorean Joey Jett, the Grindline team, Skatepark of Baltimore and community volunteers, we are building a welcoming and top-of-the-line space in Jake’s memory,” said Laurie Schwartz, president of Waterfront Partnership of Baltimore.

Spearheaded by volunteers Cindy Conklin, Claire Broido Johnson and other Federal Hill residents, this effort ensures that Jake’s Skate Park will be built in Phase I of the overall Rash Field Park project opening later this year.

“We’re delighted to be able to bring the community together to support the skatepark, a space that we know will bring a lot of joy and special memories to families and kids across the area,” said Conklin.

Ranging in themes from native flowers to Baltimore celebrity Mr. Trash Wheel, the pieces of art will be available to view prior to the auction, and available to bid on starting at 9:00 a.m. EST on Thursday, April 8, 2021 at https://www.biddingowl.com/WaterfrontPartnership.

Jake’s Skate Park will be located on the West side of the park and when completed in late 2021, will feature a bowl, mini ramps, rails, ledges and transfers, providing a dedicated space for the growing skateboard community in Baltimore – accessible to all ages and abilities. The skate park is designed by Grindline, one of the top concrete skatepark and design companies in the country.


Editor’s Note: This article is from a press release.