Eight years ago, we started a project. It was a little project — inspired by a little guy we know as the “Little Lion Man,” and every person who helped us during the first three years of his life. We simply asked our friends, family members, and (cool) progeny readers to do something kind.  And although Little Lion Challenge was inspired by Brennan’s tenacity and the kindness that buoyed our whole family during a rather tumultuous time in our lives, the project has grown beyond the curious, funny, smart, empathic little boy who has made huge roars. It’s become so much more than a passion project for our little family.

Little Lion Man

Normally we deliver care packages to area NICUs every year on February 11th (Brennan’s birthday); because of COVID, we weren’t able to do our normal fundraising for Little Lion Challenge this year. This year, we’re announcing a 1000 care package challenge in honor of his 8th birthday! 

1000 Care Package Challenge

Over the next 12 months, our goal is to send 1000 care packages to area NICUs. But we need your help! Your $50 donation sends a NICU Mom Care Package complete with a mug, tea, chocolate, journal, medical stroller tag, and lion lovey. A $35 donation sends a care package to a NICU nurse, doctor, or SLP that includes a mug, tea, and chocolate. All donations are tax deductible as Little Lion Challenge is a fund of The Community Foundation of Carroll County.

While Brennan was in the NICU — and even in the early years of his life — we weren’t looking for traditional milestones. We weren’t looking for huge advancements.  It was the little roars that kept all of us motivated. Being able to tolerate a few more MLs of food. Breathing with the trach capped for thirty seconds, then thirty minutes. Uttering a single sound — and then being able to say a full word. The little roars were big moments for us. Those little roars inspired the design for our care package mugs as well a brand new journal for moms in the NICU.  

NICU Mom Care Package

Donate a NICU Mom Care Package

LLC NICU Caregiver Package

Donate a NICU Caregiver Package

Thank you for helping us make a BIG ROAR! To follow along with the 1000 Care Package Challenge and stay up to-date with Little Lion Challenge News, follow Little Lion Challenge on Facebook and Instagram.


Note: Mugs are available for individual purchase if you’d like to purchase one or send one to a friend! Mugs are $25 or $30 with personalization. We’re working on being able to ship care packages, too, in the very near future. Stay tuned!