Sometimes you just need an activity that helps bring a little bit of calm to the day … An activity that doesn’t require too much adult intervention, lets the creativity flow, and won’t result in paint and sparkles all over the floor. Zentangle art is just that activity!

Zentangles are designs that include non-representative repeating patterns, known as tangles. Drawing zentangles is truly a meditative art (hence the calming effect!) and helps to relieve stress and anxiety. They also help improve hand-eye coordination. 

Plus the final products are really cute. Lots of win-wins.

Zentangle Art for Kids: Birds! Zentangle Art for Kids: Birds!

All you really need to create a Zentangle is a piece of a paper and pen/pencil. We used pre-drawn bird templates and Ooly calligraphy markers to make these colorful birds. The kids picked their own patters and colors, repeating them throughout the bird shape. Sometimes they opted to just draw patterns in a part of the bird. That’s ok! Then we cut the birds out and glued them to black cardstock. The colors really popped!

Zentangle Art for Kids: Birds!

In celebration of tomorrow’s Birdie Bash, we’re offering these FREE bird templates that you can use to make your own Zentangles with the kids! Just break the bird templates up into different shapes and then create patterns within those shapes.

If you do make Zentangle Birds, we’d love to see them! Post them to social media and tag us (@coolprogeny // #coolprogeny). 


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