Even though our lives have slowed down in the times of COVID, it seems like things have gotten cloudier. Maybe we’re not traveling or doing the never-ending-kid-shuffle, but the day-to-day managing Zoom codes, deliveries, assignments, and every day life seems to be getting zanier. 

So this week our connection challenge is simple: reconnect with yourself and start a Bullet Journal. 


When you have a lot on your plate, you’re more apt to feel stress about getting everything done. Add in daily distractions from life, family, friends, work, social media, text messaging… soon mentally juggling your to do list is a failed endeavor. Things get cloudy. Worse, you feel forgetful or like you’re failing.

Bullet journaling forces you to commit your goals and tasks to paper. It allows your brain to stop firing neurons on “to dos” and makes space for your brain to develop a plan to accomplish those tasks.

Plus you can get creative and doodle with your lists! And we all need a moment of creativity nowadays. 

Bullet journals aren’t just for adults. Kids love lists and tasks. And they especially love checking the boxes! Have your kids start a bullet journal and make a list of daily activities. 

Need tips for getting started? Check out our article on Bullet Journaling.


At (cool) progeny, we’ve always enjoyed connecting with people, helping everyone celebrate happy occasions, and hosting events to bring people together. We miss that so much. We miss the way people share experiences and favorite things with each other. One of the hardest things about 2020 is that connecting has become so much more difficult.

So, while we are staying safe and well and close to home, we are also collaborating with the team at Women’s Daily Post and The Pleasure of Your company on a new initiative: the Connection Project. Each week, we’re sharing our newest favorite things —  products, gift ideas, and more — to help you (re)connect with the important people in your life. We’ll also share a different idea for how to connect with those you love most. While weekly themes vary they aim to inspire and bring us all together. Participate in the project and talk about it on social media! Tag your posts with #CoolProgeny, #WomensDailyPost, and #OurConnectionProject so we can see how you’re (re)connecting!