Kindness rocks — literally! The inspirational movement is in full swing during COVID, and this week, Kindness Club is joining the fun! Paint your own rocks with the whole family and join us. It’s a fun way to keep the kiddos busy and spread a little cheer. 

Don’t forget to post your Kindness in Action and tag us (@coolprogeny) so we can see!⠀



Rocks (You can find these in your own backyard or purchase smooth river stones at a garden store)
Acrylic Craft Paint
Acrylic Spray Sealer
Paint Pens or Sharpies


Rinse and dry your rocks (especially if you found them outside!)

Using the acrylic craft paint, paint the entire rock. Let dry.

Choose the message you want to write on the rock. Using a paint pen or Sharpie marker, decorate your rock!

After you rock has dried, leave it for someone to find!