Located at Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, Port Discovery Children’s Museum is now open Saturdays & Sundays and is ready to welcome back families and little learners for days of play, a-ha moments and all new family memories.

Play is an important part of every child’s life – and now, as we all are navigating a new way of life due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s more important than ever before.

Learning and developing social-emotional skills, coping with stress and connecting with others their own age (even in socially distant ways!) are just a few of the powerful ways play can influence children.

When you and your family are ready, we’re here to welcome you back to Port Discovery Children’s Museum- and we’re here to help make your next visit to the Museum be easy-peasy and just as fun as your last!

While the Museum has been closed, we’ve been using CDC, State, and Local Guidelines to implement a variety of new procedures to ensure a safe visit for your family.

What can you expect during your next visit to the Museum? Check out our tips below to help prep your family for your next fun outing…

Port Discovery Now OPEN!

Purchase & Reserve Tickets Online – Now Required

To easily manage visitor admission and lower the number of in-person transactions happening, we are so excited to allow you to Purchase & Reserve your tickets to the Museum entirely online!

Even better news, online purchase fees have been eliminated! Woohoo! Museum Members will continue to receive free admission as always. For assistance or to use special passes and coupons, tickets may also be reserved by calling the Box Office at 410-864-2744.

Physical Distancing & One-Way Museum Exploration

Expect to see fewer people at the Museum during your visit, as the total number of tickets available each day the Museum is open has been significantly reduced to help make physical distancing inside exhibits and the Museum easier.

Take note of one-way signage for entry, exit, Museum stairs, and main floors. Don’t worry, fun floor markers and reminder signage will be found in all spaces, too!

Please kindly observe exhibit capacity signage posted outside each exhibit before entering, and if the area is full, please explore one of our many other exhibit areas and come back to play later!

To encourage physical distancing and touchless interactions with Museum Staff, the use of Port Discovery Wristbands have been discontinued for guests until further notice.

Face Coverings & Mask Breaks

Face coverings are required for all guests ages 2 and older unless medically unable to wear a face covering or mask. Museum staff will also be required to wear proper face coverings.

In need of a mask break while playing? No worries! Just exit the Museum and use your receipt to re-enter with masks back in place and ready to play.

Would visiting the Museum be one of the first longer period of times that your kiddo has had to wear a mask? Practice beforehand! Check out Face Mask Wearing Tips & Tricks for Kids!

A Super Fun & Safe Family Playdate!

As you prep for your next trip to the Museum, we encourage you to read our full What to Know Before You Go Webpage and/or watch our Know Before You Go video, above.

Know that we’re doing our very best to ensure your family has a safe and enjoyable visit – and get ready for another day of Port Discovery fun you know and love.


Editor’s Note: This article is sponsored by Port Discovery Children’s Museum.