Hey there, (cool) progeny community! By now, you’ve probably noticed that we launched our new Kindness Club last week. What is Kindness Club? In partnership with Little Lion Challenge, we’re is helping families make a BIG ROAR. Every week, we’ll share an activity that you can do with your kids at home to help make a difference. 

We also launched our new Connection Project with Women’s Daily Post this week… so we thought we’d combine the two! This week’s Kindness Club activity is to do the Week One Connection Project Challenge…

Week One Connection Project


This week, write a letter to someone who inspires you. This can be someone you know or don’t know, alive or not-living. Tell them why they inspire you. Most important, remember to mail it – you will make someone’s day or week!

Need a letter starter? We’ve got you covered. Here are some possible beginnings…

You inspire me because….

You’ve set an example for how to meet a challenge
You challenge us to be the best versions of ourselves
You encourage me to live my best life
Having you in my life makes my world a better place
Because you have made an impact on my life
Because you always try to unselfishly do what’s right
Because of your passion to make a difference in the world
Because you put your heart and soul into helping others
Because you are not afraid to stand up for what you believe
You encourage us to believe in ourselves
You’ve shown me how to set goals and surpass them
You went above and beyond this year to make things better for us

We hope you’ll find the time to have meaningful conversations about how people can make a difference, and time to write to a few who have inspired you. Because if there’s one thing 2020 has taught us, nothing can be taken for granted.

Have an idea for Kindness Club? Email us.