Looking for a unique way to engage the kids in learning (safely!) at home? Check out the new Photo Safari Challenge from the National History Society of Maryland! Although not specifically designed for kids, you play as a family!

The premise? GET OUTSIDE. The museum has created a scavenger hunt in order to help get participants out in nature. There are over 100 points are up for grabs and each challenge is assigned a point value. Some points will be easy to earn – others more difficult.

Here’s how it works: upon registration, you will receive a scavenger hunt list. Take a time-stamped photo and submit it in order to earn points! The hunt runs from August 1-September 31, 2020. It’s $5 to participate as an individual or $15 to participate as a group.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your hat, boots, camera, and mask and GO! Winners will be announced on October 1.

Have questions? Direct all questions to the competition commissioner at [email protected].