With summer starting, give yourself an excuse – or reason- to shake up your family routine a bit! Especially this summer with our regular summer plans being canceled or up in the air. Think about the little things that could make a big difference…

Here are a few ideas to get you started!

3 Ways To Shake Up Your Summer Routine

Family Foodie Friday | 3 Ways to Shake Up Your Routine

Change up your family’s morning routine (if even one day a week) to find a way to make it more special and enjoyable for kids and parents alike.

Typically, the first weeks of summer are signaled by a sudden slower pace of life. But since we’ve been quarantined and social distancing for months, life has already slowed down. So it’s time to shake things up! As an example, I miss getting time to read these days. So now on Saturday and Sunday mornings — since one of my daughters and I get up much earlier than the rest of the house — we both get to enjoy an early morning “guilty pleasure.” We snuggle on the couch and she gets to watch cooking shows (that don’t count towards screen time) and I read for pleasure.

Family Foodie Friday | 3 Ways to Shake Up Your Routine

Find a new fun summer snack or drink.

With the weather changing, remember your favorite summertime snacks and start to buy or even make them. Need a few quick ideas? Here are some of our favorites:

  • A Fresh Take On Fruit. Fresh fruit can be made “special” by adding a bit of mint or basil to it! Or try freezing grapes or watermelon chunks for a fun treat.
  • Switch Up Your Favorite Beverage. Coffee lover? Try a new coffee beverage (this one from Giada is my current summer go-to!) Experiment with iced tea, too. kids of all ages like to experiment with decaffeinated or herbal teas! Switch up your sweetener or add fruit into your blend
  • Get “On-Board.” Want a hardy snack (or easy meal!) that is fun and super easy to pull together? Check out our post about kid-friendly snack boards and charcuterie (kids also like to say this fun word).

Family Foodie Friday | 3 Ways to Shake Up Your Routine

Dine Al Fresco.

You don’t need to have a picnic table or a lot of space to enjoy the outside. Have kids spread out towels and have a picnic lunch. You could pack a lunch in a bag or just take your food on a plate outside. A change of scenery can make a big difference (and fresh air is always nice!).
Don’t have a safe outside space? Don’t let that stop you!Use the towels and have an inside picnic. My kids love getting on their sunglasses and bathing suits and pretending they are eating outside. Also, don’t limit this to just lunch or dinner. Breakfast outside in the summer before it’s too hot can be a great way to start your day.

As always, tweak these ideas to work for you and your family. Have another great idea or suggestion? Share it with us in the comments! We’d love to hear and try it!