The Chamery and Atomic Books have teamed up for a fun summer project — Pints and Pages!  For $25, you can get a limited edition ice cream pint PLUS a new favorite book. After all, ice cream and books are the must-have summer essentials!

Pages and Pints | Via The Charmery's Facebook Page

For kids, they selected the book “Unstoppable” by Adam Rex paired with the ice cream flavor Black Forest Brownie. If you’re not familiar with the book that came out last month, you DEFINITELY want to add it to your read aloud bookshelf. It posits the central question:”If you could have any superpower, what would it be?” and hilariously celebrates the ways everyone is unique. 

Don’t worry adults — they haven’t left you out! They’ve paired the novel Severance with Millennial Pink Peppercorn Lemonade ice cream. While we’re not familiar with the novel, the description by Atomic Books has us curious:“Rituals, routines, work and family. Ling Ma’s Severance is an apocalyptic (an epidemic, no less!) look at the things that anchor our culture, told through the eyes of a first generation, Chinese-American Millennial. Let’s call it “relevant escapism”.”

These page turners and spoon raisers are available for pre-orders and will be ready for curbside pick-up and in store at Hampden location or through The Charmery’s On The Go Go Delivery starting Thursday, July 9th! Pre-Orders must be received by Sunday, July 5th to reserve a book and a limited edition paired Pint.