It’s the last week of our Adventures in Preschool Learning: DINOSAURS! series with St. James Academy. And this week? We’re getting a little WILD.

We’ve read about dinosaurs, created a dinosaur habitat, and made our own dinosaur fossil footprints. Now it’s time to get those muscles and move like a dinosaur!

Gross motor skill development is a very important part of the preschool-aged child’s physical development. Activities like skipping, standing on one foot, and walking on tiptoes are important developmental milestones. You can help your child hone these skills through play! Plus, it’s just plain fun.

Adventures in Preschool Learning: DINOSAURS!



Your imagination!


Think of all of the ways a dinosaur could move — and go for a walk in your neighborhood, backyard or living room! Here are some possibilities:

  • Stretch like a Apatosaurus (Reach arms high)
  • Stomp like a Tyrannosaurus Rex (Stomp Your Feet)
  • Fly like a Pterodactyl (Run with Arms Outstretched)
  • Walk like a Stegosaurus (Walk on All Fours)
  • Prowl like a Dilophosaurus (Walk on Tiptoes)

Adventures in Preschool Learning: DINOSAURS! Adventures in Preschool Learning: DINOSAURS!

Ask your child what other ideas they can come up with. Don’t forget to RAWR!

Most importantly, have fun!


Experiential learning is a hallmark of the PreK program at St. James Academy. As an integrated part of St. James’ Program, PreK students have the opportunity to utilize and enjoy the benefits of an 89-acre campus. The program offers the added value of a Kindergarten-Grade Eight experience, which allows students to make connections across grade levels and engage in real-life experiences. Their PreK classes are designed based on the Reggio-Emilia philosophy, a child-centered educational approach that embraces open-ended questioning, project-based learning, and lots of movement. Students begin each day with movement and play while developing those important skills of sharing and caring about their peers. They enjoy circle time, projects, literature, outdoor play/nature explorations, snack and lunch, story time, and rest, and they  end each day with more movement. St. James Academy also understands the needs of an academic PreKindergarten program, so within the experiential, they are weaving the academic building blocks that all students need to succeed as they move into older grades. They also understand the variety of learning styles children bring and their approach differentiates for each child’s readiness. Each week is enhanced by a host of extracurricular offerings such as world language exploration, library, art, physical education, music, and chapel. Yearlong enriched experiences include assemblies, field trips, guest speakers, and participation in school-wide community service projects. LEARN MORE