Sun, rain, wind, storms — seems like we’ve had all kinds of weather over the past few weeks of quarantine. So we’re kicking off our fourth week of at-home adventures with weather wonder fun for kids!

We know that staying home during COVID19 can be a challenge. Therefore, each day schools are closed, (cool) progeny will offer easy activities to keep the the whole family engaged. If you try any of these activities, post pictures to Facebook and Instagram and tag us (#coolprogeny and @coolprogeny). After all, we’re all in this together!

You can download a PDF of these ideas here.

Did you miss a day? No worries! You can view all of our (cool) fun at home ideas here.

DAY 16 - Weather Wonders

Cool Fun at Home Day 16: Weather Wonders

Explore Outside

Pinecone Predictions

Believe it or not, you can  tell if it is going to rain just by looking at a pine cone.  When the weather is dry the pine cones open up and when it’s going to rain they close down. Check out this activity from Science Sparks and then pick-up pinecones on your walk today so your kids can set-up your a pinecone weather station.


What is the Water Cycle? 

Why does it rain? How do clouds happen? Head over to Mobile Ed and learn about the water cycle. Then you and the kids can make a water cycle in a bag. (They’ll show you how)

Get Down with the Water Cycle

GoNoodle has a fun tune about the water cycle that will get everyone moving! 

Creativity Challenge

Make a Pinwheel

Your child will love making and decorating  this simple and easy pinwheel. Fancy or simple, these wind catchers will be sure to make you smile as they spin in the breeze.   Make one or make a dozen to share with neighbors. Follow this great tutorial from


Weather Warm-Ups

Using their whole body to bend, stretch and exercise, have your child show and move how they feel as you call out different types of weather.   Rain, snow, Thunder…the possibilities are endless and you can find a full list provided by MPT and PBS

Local Weather

Learn Weather With Local Meteorologists

Local meteorologists are sharing weather science with kids! Check out Charm City Classroom with WMAR 2 for information on thunderstorms and how to make a tornado in a bottle. Fox45 is hosting live weather school segments on Facebook weekdays at 11 AM.


Keep a Weather Journal

Have your kids become weather watchers! Give (or make a journal) and have them write down the temperature in the morning, the afternoon, and at night — along with their weather observations. Was it sunny or cloudy? Did it rain? Check out this video from SciKids for more information.