Obstacle courses, DIY I-Spy Bottles, disguise fun with the International Spy Museum, and MORE! Today’s Cool Fun at Home is all about pint-sized espionage adventures!

We know that staying home during COVID19 can be a challenge. Therefore, each day schools are closed, (cool) progeny will offer easy activities to keep the the whole family engaged. If you try any of these activities, post pictures to Facebook and Instagram and tag us (#coolprogeny and @coolprogeny). After all, we’re all in this together!

You can download a PDF of these ideas here.

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Cool Fun at Home: I Spy Fun For Kids!


Take an I Spy Walk

On your daily walk, play the “I Spy” guessing game! In case you need a refresher on how to play the game, check out the directions from TripSavvy.com. Don’t forget binoculars!

DIY I Spy Scavenger Hunt

Have your child identify 10 different items on your walk and then create a spy scavenger hunt! Send the clues your neighborhood friends to try!


Build a Disguise with the National Spy Museum

Spy at home! Kids can go undercover with the Museum’s Director of Youth Education as she shares how to build the perfect disguise. Then have kids create their own disguises!

Play I Spy with Scholastic

Scholastic has a suite of “I Spy” games online, created from the popular book series.

Creativity Challenge

Make Your Own I Spy Bottle

“I Spy” or discovery bottles are easy to make and use materials you have lying around the house. Have school-aged kids use alphabet beads or blocks to make words. Preschool kids will love to go searching for plastic bugs! Extend the activity by having your child dye the filler (rice works well!). Here are some ideas from the Imagination Tree.


Make a Spy Obstacle Course

Get creative! Have your kids dive behind sand bag pillow cushions. Crawl under the yarn trip wire. Zig and zag past the Lego land mines. Don’t forget to have them rescue their favorite stuffie tied to a chair!

National Aquarium I Spy

Spot the Fish

Have your kids been missing the National Aquarium? Tune into one of their three live cams and see what fish you can spot!  Cast the live cam onto your smart tv screen to make it feel like you are actually there.

Spy Gadget Making

Make Your Own Spy Gear

Head over to the National Spy Museum’s website and check out their gadget projects. Pick one to make! They have instructions to make decoders, escape maps, periscopes, and more.