Has your preschooler been loving the mini dinosaur adventures every week? Wonderful! We love them, too! This week, we’re connecting science and art through a fun STEAM project with St. James Academy.

According to Scholastic, a Tyrannosaurus Rex’s footprint is about 2 feet wide. Cut a string to two feet wide and let your preschooler find other things around the house that are two feet wide… would their favorite book be bigger or smaller than a Tyrannosaurus Rex’s footprint? How about the dishwasher? Or the front door? Or their own foot?

Fossil footprints give us lots of clues about dinosaurs. Like skeletons, footprints can tell us about a dinosaur’s appearance and habits.  For example, when a scientist finds a deep set of tracks, that indicates that a dinosaur was heavy. What does it mean when there are lots of tracks together? That the dinosaur moved in herds!

The most complete Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton ever discovered is “Sue,” and she can be found at The Field Museum in Chicago. You can read more about Sue on the Field Museum website and even see photos of where she was excavated. (Your tech-savvy four-year-olds can also “tweet” her on Twitter!).

After you’ve taken a virtual field trip, grab the play dough for some hands-on fun! Today’s activity? Dino footprints!

Adventures in Preschool Learning: DINOSAURS!



Plastic Dinosaurs
Play Dough
Rolling Pin


Using the rolling pin, roll out the play dough until it’s about 1/2″ thick. Then use your plastic dinosaur as a “stamp” to make footprints. Ask your child to use the footprints as clues to tell about their dinosaur. Deep dinosaur tracks in the play dough means that the dinosaur was heavy. Did their dinosaur travel in herds? Then make lots of footprints in once place!

Adventures in Preschool Learning: DINOSAURS! Adventures in Preschool Learning: DINOSAURS!

Get ready to RAWR like a dinosaur! Next week’s fun is all about movement…


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