Looking for a fun app that will help with bedtime stories, give you a few quiet moments to make dinner — or help keep the kiddos entertained during that upcoming spring break road trips? Check out Pinna!

Pinna is an on-demand audio streaming service that reimagines kids’ entertainment. Each podcast, audiobook and music compilation on Pinna is carefully curated for kids 3-12. From science and fantasy to interactive game shows and mysteries, Pinna has hundreds of hours of programming to pique the interest of every kid.

Pinna App

From Mo Willems audiobooks to Magic School Bus to original mystery podcasts, Pinna has something for all kids. Minecraft fan show? Check! Highlights hangout? Check! Captain Underpants? Check! National Geographic Dinosaurs? Check! Stories vary in length and are categorized by age. Your preschooler may only want a short adventure, while your tween can indulge in a full-length chapter books.

Parents can create individual playlists for each of their kids and everything is commercial free. Pinna is a subscription service. Families have the option to pay $7.99/month or $79.99 for the year. But you don’t have to commit right away. They offer a 30 day free trial.

If you try it out, let us know how it goes. Might just be your new favorite #parenthack.