We know that staying home during COVID19 can be a challenge. Therefore, each day schools are closed, (cool) progeny will offer easy activities to keep the the whole family engaged. If you try any of these activities, post pictures to Facebook and Instagram and tag us (#coolprogeny and @coolprogeny). After all, we’re all in this together!

Today’s fun? RAINBOWS! You can download a PDF of these ideas here. If you’re looking for ideas to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, check out yesterday’s Leprechaun adventures.

Did you miss a day? No worries! You can view all of our (cool) fun at home ideas here.

Cool Fun at Home | Rainbows - (cool) progeny

Cool Fun at Home: Rainbows!


Go On a Rainbow Hunt

Are you feeling lucky? Head outside to search for rainbows! If you can’t find one in the sky, you can make your own with a garden hose. Stand with your back to the sun and spray the water. A rainbow will appear in the fine spray.


Rainbow Science

Have you ever wondered how a rainbow is made?  Well you need 2 things for sure – water and light!   Watch this video with Dr. Binocs to learn how a rainbow is formed and then try the experiment! What do you need for the experiment? A dark room, clear glass jar/ cup, a small mirror, a white piece of paper, and a flashlight.


Make a Ribbon Wand

Make a ribbon wand … or ring! Gather scrap pieces of colorful ribbon and then tie/tape/glue them to a stick, rod or circular form.  Wooden dowels, old plastic bracelets, or book rings, or an unsharpened pencil can work for this!

Create a Zentangle

Have older kids? Have them create a Zentangle rainbow by using water colors/colored pencils and a black marker. The Zentangle method is a fun (and relaxing — we could all use a little de-stressing!) method of creatinf beautiful images by drawing structured patterns.



Move and shake your body using your rainbow ribbon wand! They Might Be Giants has the perfect dance tune about a colorful little man named Roy G. Biv. You can find their song iTunes, Amazon Music, or head over to YouTube.


Make Rainbow Notes of Encouragement

Help Baltimore Hunger Project! Create colorful notes that they can include in bags of food that are distributed to food insecure kids. Check out this post for ideas and contact them directly to arrange drop-off.


Rainbow Crayons

Have old, broken crayons lying around? Have your child sort them into colors and then make new rainbow crayons! The Maryland Science Center has a great tutorial!