It feels like the 1,435,604 of quarantine… and it’s time for a morale booster. Let’s get messy! (Within reason, of course). A day of slimy, ooey, gooey, messy fun for kids and a healthy does of sunshine is just what your pint sizers need. And if we’re honest, the adults might need it, too.

We know that staying home during COVID19 can be a challenge. Therefore, each day schools are closed, (cool) progeny will offer easy activities to keep the the whole family engaged. If you try any of these activities, post pictures to Facebook and Instagram and tag us (#coolprogeny and @coolprogeny). After all, we’re all in this together!

You can download a PDF of these ideas here.

Did you miss a day? No worries! You can view all of our (cool) fun at home ideas here.

DAY NINE - Ooey, Gooey, Slimy, Messy

Cool Fun at Home: Ooey, Gooey, Slimy, and Messy Fun for Kids

Explore Outside

Can You Dig It?

Go on a worm hunt!  Since it’s been raining, it shouldn’t be too hard to find some wiggling near the surface.  Grab a gardening trowel and get to digging. How many worms can you find? No place to dig where you live… no problem!  Here are two ways to make wiggly worm sensory bins right in the kitchen using three simple ingredients. Check out for an idea that uses goop and for an idea that uses cloud dough… make one or make them both and see which one your child prefers! 


States of Matter

Solid? Liquid? Gas? Oobleck is a non-newtonian fluid. That is, it acts like a liquid when being poured, but like a solid when a force is acting on it. You can grab it and then it will ooze out of your hands.  Talk to your kids about states of matter and then make it yourself! You only need cornstarch and water. Our friends at Thinkery created this awesome how-to video.

Creativity Challenge

Colorful Puffy Painting

We LOVE making puffy paint and it couldn’t be easier to make or clean up.  Grab the shaving cream and glue and head over to learn more about it at! Best part? You can store your leftover puffy paint in an airtight container and it will keep for a day or two.  Sometimes it will loose a bit of it’s fluff when sitting, so just add a little more shaving cream and you will be good to go! 


Musical Bubbly Bike Wash

Spring cleaning meets messy fun! Wait until temperatures a little warmer this afternoon, and then grab your soapy bucket of warm water and some sponges to give your  bikes a bath.  Add some fun music to move and grove while you work! 

Family Dance Party

Disney Disco Dance Party

This has nothing ooey or gooey about it — but it’s too fun not to mention! Join District Remix today from 3-4 PM EDT  for a Disney Disco Dance Party! DJ Jacob Jensen will be kicking off the first of many live streams from their team of talented DJs, bringing you and yours some fun and entertainment during our social distancing. Dress up as your favorite character, request your favorite songs, and have some fun!!! Take a photo of your outfits and costumes and post them to the District Remix page for a chance to win a $25 Grubhub gift card!