We know that staying home during COVID19 can be a challenge. Therefore, each day schools are closed, (cool) progeny will offer easy activities to keep the the whole family engaged. If you try any of these activities, post pictures to Facebook and Instagram and tag us (#coolprogeny and @coolprogeny). After all, we’re all in this together!

Today’s fun? MINDFULNESS for Kids! We figured by day three, we could all use a little belly breathing and calming podcasts– right?  You can download a PDF of these ideas here

Did you miss a day? No worries! You can view all of our (cool) fun at home ideas here.

DAY THREE - Mindfulness - (Cool) Progeny

COOL FUN AT HOME: Mindfulness for Kids


Go on a Mindfulness Safari

Head outside for a walk (or a hike) and tell your kids that their job is to notice everything around them. Find the birds, the things that crawl… anything that moves really. The idea is to have them pay attention to their surroundings.


Peace Out at Bedtime

At bedtime, listen to the Peace Out podcast. It’s a series of short stories that help children calm down and relax by guiding them through visualization and breathing exercise.

Family Mindfulness

Join Bridget from Child’s Heart Yoga on Wednesdays at 11 via Facebook Live or Family Mindfulness activities.


DAY THREE - Mindfulness - (Cool) Progeny

Create Your Own Labyrinth/Mindful Path

 Design your own labyrinth! We’re taking this idea directly from our friends at Social Studio Baltimore. A labyrinth is a meandering path, often unicursal, with a singular path leading to a center. Share some designs with your child. Using a variety of art materials, have your child create their own on paper. Beads, paint, sequins — everything is fair game!


Try Yoga

Tune into Love Evolution Yoga‘s Live Kids’ Yoga class at 5 PM. If 5 PM isn’t a great time, you can find great kids yoga videos on YouTube. A favorite of ours? Cosmic Kids Yoga


Enjoy a Mindful Snack

Slow snack down today. Ask your kids to describe what they are eating — how does it look, feel, smell, and taste?


Practice Belly Breathing

Belly breathing reduces heart rate and triggers a relaxation response. This PBS Kids’ article tells you how to practice belly breathing with your kids.