In light of current events, we are encouraging families to hang out at home this weekend and therefore are not be publishing our Weekend Events Round-Up. We’re not leaving you hanging though — here are 10 ways to keep the kiddos occupied and your sanity in check. St. Patrick’s Day, Pi Day, Women’s History Month fun — there are plenty of ideas to keep everyone busy!

If you are looking to venture out, you can see what’s happening around town on our community calendar. We’re making every effort to keep our calendar up-to-date, but please check with the host location for the most up-to-date information.

10 Things To Do with Your Kids At Home This Weekend

Make Green Slime

We know. We know. We said the “s” word. But if there is anything that will spark joy in your kids’ hearts, it’s an at-home slime fest.  This four-ingredient slime is easy and fun for celebrating St. Patrick’s Day! 

Build a Leprechaun Trap

Enhance those STEM skills! Have your kids collect items from around the house and make a trap to catch the leprechauns! Have them read How to Catch a Leprechaun (available on Audible, too) or How to Trap a Leprechaun. Need Leprechaun Trap inspiration? We made a Pinterest Board.

Leprechaun Looker

DIY Leprechaun Lookers (and Go On a Leprechaun Hunt)

Judging from the empty store shelves around town, you probably have access to toilet paper rolls. Let the kids decorate them with rainbow-colored construction paper and shamrocks to make their own Leprechaun lookers! Venture outside into the backyard and search for leprechauns. (This craft and activity was a huge hit at last week’s Tot Time — so we know it’ll be a hit with your own kids!)

Bake Thin Mint Brownies

Let’s be honest — you probably have a box of thin mints lying around. These thin mint brownies are AH-mazing. Who knew your favorite box brownie mix and Girl Scout cookies could be so delicious?

Celebrate Pi Day

Bring on the baked goods! Saturday is Pi day — a celebration one of math’s most famous constants: the irrational, never-ending number π (3.14159 . . .). Pi is truly one of the most fascinating numbers in existence, and the quest for the ultimate end of Pi has been sought for time out of mind. How can you celebrate? By making (and, ahem, eating) a pie! It also happens to be Albert Einstein’s Birthday. If you’re looking for a way to introduce Albert Einstein to your kids, check out the Ordinary People Change the World series. We love it!

Check Out the Pinna App and Load Up Your Playlist

Earlier this week, we posted about the Pinna App. Pinna is an on-demand audio streaming service that reimagines kids’ entertainment. Each podcast, audiobook and music compilation on Pinna is carefully curated for kids 3-12. From science and fantasy to interactive game shows and mysteries, Pinna has hundreds of hours of programming to pique the interest of every kid. It’s a $7.99 kid-friendly streaming service — but they offer a FREE 30 day trial. 

Lisa Mathews

Tune into “Young at Heart” on WTMD for a celebration of Women’s History Month

Did you  know that Baltimore kindie musician Lisa Mathews (of Milkshake) hosts a kids music show on WTMD every Saturday morning at 7 AM? This week’s show celebrates Women’s History Month and and features mostly female (women and girl musicians) — both kindie and kid-friendly. Just tune into 89.7, stream from their website, or ask Alexa to stream for you. Kids late sleepers? Don’t worry! Lisa posts the playlist to the Young at Heart blog.

Get to Know Your Library — Digitally

Enoch Pratt Free Library has cancelled all public programs until March 31st –but many digital resources are available to patrons from their own homes, including downloadable eBooks, audiobooks, educational databases, and streaming media. Enoch Pratt is also expanding their Books by Mail program. Baltimore County Public Library has a variety of downloadable resources available to patrons as well.

Break Out The Old School Playground Games

It’s supposed to be sunny and mid-fifties this weekend — so make plans to soak in some vitamin D! Get the kids outside in the yard for a game of Monkey in the Middle, teach them how to play Four Square, or get a game of Red Light, Green Light going. 

DIY Spa Night

Let’s face it. Things are a little stressful right now. Grab the face masks, favorite lotions, nail polish, and pull out the aromatherapy. A little self-care might be what the whole family needs. Need ideas? We’ve got a Pinterest Board for Kids Spa Night, too.