This is not your English teacher’s poetry.

With words, humor, and electric energy, The Mayhem Poets are on a mission to change the face of poetry. Blending comedy, hip-hop, improv, and spoken word, they take on life’s truths in a hilarious, fast-paced, interactive show that The New York Times calls “an amazing ride.”

On February 2 and 3rd, they’re coming to Baltimore Center Stage. (Note: these performances are recommended for children ages 12 and older but all ages are welcome).
Mayhem Poets at Baltimore Center Stage
What can you expect at the performance? A dynamic collective off young performers that use meter, rhyme, and verbal dexterity like the poets of old—but there’s nothing old about their signature blend of hip-hop, theater, incisive pop culture references, and comedic social commentary. “Engaging, funny, and powerfully in tune with the real issues that students face each day, the Mayhem Poets impart a hip and positive message that inspires future generations of young people to study and write poetry in classical and contemporary forms, while embracing diversity, non-violence, and a strong sense of self.”
The production comes to Baltimore Center Stage as the third show in their Family Series, which aims to expand theatre access to all ages of kids. Have younger kids? Make plans to see Havana Hop in May!
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