Ruxton mom and artist Jaime Bramble Schell has the same problem most of us have — an abundance of kids’ art! A ginormous collection of mini masterpieces that you don’t want to part with… but let’s be honest, if we were going to keep ALL of it, we would all need storage units.

MAKE IT! Upcycled Kids' Art Ornaments

Jaime, who owns Bramble Schell Studios, has come up with a brilliant way to gift homemade this holiday season — using your kids’ art to make ornaments! The project is a nod to the paper collage art she’s known for creating. If your kids are little, you can just use their artwork to make the pieces. Older kids can make the ornaments themselves. 

Go digging for kid art treasures and get crafting!

MAKE IT! Upcycled Kids' Art Ornaments

Upcycled Kid’s Art Ornaments


1 Birch Craft Slice (3″ – 4″ in diameter)
Acrylic Paint and Paintbrushes
Mod Podge or Elmer’s Glue
Kids’ artwork


MAKE IT! Upcycled Kids' Art Ornaments

Paint your birch slice with any craft or acrylic paint. While it’s drying, look through old children’s artwork to determine what you’d like to include on your ornament. Crayon and paint pieces work best, as magic marker may smudge. Sometimes the best elements are hidden in larger artworks – a special flower or bird, for example. When you find your piece, cut it out.

MAKE IT! Upcycled Kids' Art Ornaments

Use a paintbrush to coat the birch slice with Mod Podge. If using Elmer’s Glue, pour into a cup and dilute with a little water first. Stick your cut-out onto the slice and smooth over it with your paintbrush to remove any air bubbles. Once dry, add another thin coat of glue or mod podge to seal it. Feel free to add glitter!

MAKE IT! Upcycled Kids' Art Ornaments

Drill a small hole in the top and thread with ribbon or twine. You can use paint pens to sign and date the back (or cut out your child’s signature from an existing piece) and enjoy for years to come!

MAKE IT! Upcycled Kids' Art Ornaments

Photos by Jen Snyder.


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