Kacey Stafford knows kids and art. The former art teacher has two kids of her own and is always looking for creative kid-friendly projects.

This ‘found object’ tree scape gift idea is inspired by the mixed media patterned paintings that Kacey creates in her own studio. Young artists are invited to layer and mix shapes and materials to create their own masterpiece. Don’t worry about making a dash to Michael’s for materials. You probably have most of the decorative items around the house! After all, this is a ‘found’ object art project.

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Found Object Tree Collage

Make It! Found Object Tree Collages


1 Birch Craft Slice (3″ – 4″ in diameter)
Acrylic Paint and Paintbrushes
Elmer’s Glue (w/ Q-Tips to apply)
Variety of Craft Paper Scraps
Glitter, Mini Poms, Sequins, Pipe Cleaners, Pieces of String
Wooden Letters


Paint the birch slice with any craft or acrylic paint. Allow your child to mix and match colors to come up with the perfect shade!

Found Object Tree Collage

While the paint dries, cut triangles of various sizes out of different craft paper scraps to create trees. Don’t forget to use brown paper to create tree trunks!

Glue the trees to your birch craft slice, layering the triangles to create a treescape. Add a wooden letter to personalize.

Found Object Tree Collage

Decorate with whatever materials you have lying around! Apply glue with a Q-tip for those tricky pieces of glitter and sequins.

Allow the artwork to dry. Use twine to create a hanger so you can display your ornament on the tree.

Found Object Tree Collage

(cool) tip: Kacey uses egg cartons to organize the bits and bobs she uses for decorating. Brilliant!