Social Studio is the hottest new creative destination for pint-sized Picassos — and we love all of their kid-friendly art projects. Located in Roland Park, Social Studio offers a variety of workshops, drop-in art projects, after school activities, toddler art mornings, and “Schools Out” sessions for kids. (Yes, they offer art workshops and studio sessions for adults, too!).

MAKE IT! 3D Letter Art - (cool) progeny

MAKE IT! 3D Letter Art - (cool) progeny

The creativity studio is the brainchild of Baltimore mom and art teacher, Genie Arnot. She designed this art project in conjunction with her friend and colleague, Katie Gill-Harvey. It’s perfect for kids to gift to friends, can be customized for the gift receiver  — and will keep the kiddos busy all afternoon! Older kids can make the forms themselves and younger kids can decorate ones that you make for them.

MAKE IT! 3D Letter Art - (cool) progeny

Make It! 3D Letter Art


Poster Board
Small Plastic Solo Cups
Kraft Paper Tape
Elmer’s Glue
Wet Sponge
Decorations! (Washi Tape, Buttons, Pom Poms, Ribbon, etc.)


Draw your letter onto the poster board. Cut two letter shapes out. You’ll need one for the top of your 3D letter and one for the bottom.

MAKE IT! 3D Letter Art - (cool) progeny

Glue the solo cups to one letter cut out. Alternate the cups, one face-up and then one face-down. Glue the second letter cut-out on top.

Cut your kraft paper tape to 3″ strips. Slide the damp sponge across the tape to make it wet, and then wrap your letter forms. Allow it to dry.

MAKE IT! 3D Letter Art - (cool) progeny

Now it’s time for the fun part — decorate! You may want to paint your letter first and allow it to dry before you embellish. Use whatever you have to decorate: washi tape, buttons, pom poms, and ribbon all work well. Want a stained glass look? Use tissue paper and Mod Podge. You can even make every side of the letter unique!

(cool) tip: Want your decorations to adhere faster? Use hot glue. Want to be inspired? Follow Social Studio on Instagram!

Need a last minute awesome holiday gift? A gift certificate to Social Studio is a great idea for any creative kiddo — or adult! — in your life!


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