You probably recognize Andreas “Spilly” Spiliadis and Jes Raschella as the Baltimore HoopLove crew. Maybe you’ve seen them performing circus arts at a local event or selling hoops at the Baltimore Farmer’s Market. But you might not be familiar with their newest venture: Plant Medicine Workshop. The brand new shop and learning center occupies space above The Chop Shop in Lauraville.

COFFEE WITH | Jes and SpillyCOFFEE WITH | Jes and Spilly

The idea for Plant Medicine Workshop grew out of Jes and Spilly’s quarter acre “Circus Farm,” their backyard urban farm. Circus Farm is where they grow produce and herbs to sell at the Lauraville Farmer’s Market.

“We want everyone to know that they can grow their own food, no matter where they live,” said Jes. “Even in the city!”

At the heart of Plant Medicine Workshop is the pair’s desire to educate others about herbalism, how to use plants to foster better health. They are nurturing the business much like they tend to the plants on their urban farm; cultivating a bunch of seeds and pruning lines of business as they grow. The shop is an apothecary that sells tinctures, salves, plant ingredients, and products developed in-house and by other growers in the neighborhood.COFFEE WITH | Jes and Spilly

COFFEE WITH | Jes and Spilly

“Calendula is great for the skin,” said Jes, who is a licensed massage therapist and sees clients in a space adjacent to Plant Medicine Workshop. “It’s a naturally occurring antioxidant, but the act of applying it is also a great self-care ritual. There is a lot of power in applying and massaging a salve into your skin. It can instantly relax you.” Jes often incorporates products like calendula salve, which you’ll find in the store, into her massage practice.

Another product you’ll find at the store? Homemade Fire Cider, an apple cider vinegar tonic infused with superfoods including turmeric, ginger, garlic, lemons and other ingredients. Spilly swears by its energizing powers — and it’s ability to help individuals get over colds.

COFFEE WITH | Jes and Spilly

Jes and Spilly have plans for plant medicine community workshops as well as homeschool offerings. They want to use the space to promote holistic wellbeing — from plant medicine to circus arts. The space will be used as a gathering place before the stilt-walking lessons that they offer and more. You can also purchase hula hoops from the shop; but if you want a custom one, your best bet is to head to the Baltimore Farmer’s Market on Sunday morning. That’s where they have the biggest selection of custom colors.

COFFEE WITH | Jes and Spilly

“We’ve always believed and promoted that you can stay healthy while having fun. While hula hooping. While stilt walking. That’s what Circus Farm has been about,” said Spilly. “Plant Medicine Workshop is a natural extension of that philosophy.”

Plant Medicine Workshop has limited hours at the moment, but you can always make an appointment. As the community grows, the hours and space will grow, too. Gift certificates are available for the holidays!


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