We all know how it works: there is trick-or-treating. Then the giant candy sort. Then trading. Then …

… a big giant pile of candy. 

So what can you do with the crazy pile of candy so that it’s not sitting in your kitchen for six months or consumed by your kids? We’ve got five ideas.

Five Things to Do with Halloween Candy

Call in a Switch Witch

This is a fun idea for all families, but especially those who have kiddos with medical conditions or food allergies for whom candy can be tricky to navigate. Switch Witches are friendly witch that visits your house on Halloween night and leaves your child a present in exchange for their Halloween candy. (As the story goes, the switch witches need candy to heat their homes, so your child is helping them out, too!) You can even purchase a Switch Witch.

Donate to Operation Gratitude

Operation Gratitude, which sends care packages to soldiers stationed overseas, includes a handful of candy in every package that they send. You and the kids can even get together with friends and have a candy drive! Learn more on their website.

Sell Your Candy to the Dentist

Many pediatric and family dentists — as well as orthodontists — host Halloween Candy Buybacks. You bring them candy and they compensate in some way. It might be monetary or it might be a prize. Check with your favorite dentist to see if they have a program or the Halloween Candy Buyback registry to see a participating site near you!

Candy Cook


Make Candy Cookies

We don’t suggest making these cookies the day after Halloween (they definitely won’t help the sugar crash), but leftover candy make great cookie ingredients! Better yet? Kids can experiment with different flavors to come up with a cookie concoction all their own! M&Ms, Hershey Bars, Kit Kats, and Reese’s Peanut Butter cups are all great options. You can find the recipe here.

Halloween Candy Head Into the (Science) Lab

Can you make a gummy worm dance? Will Nerds inflate a balloon? Can you sink a marshmallow? Take your Halloween candy into the lab and get your science on! Try these fun candy science experiments. Another fun activity? Candy Mosaics!