Hey, Parents! We know that you’re holding onto the last few moments of summer, but Back to School is just around the corner. We’re helping to ease the transition with our 2019 Back to School Guide!

Inside you’ll find:

  • Fun (and super cool) clothing options from Wee Chic Boutique (no itchies, pass the twirl test, and are definitely durable for all of those playground adventures!)
  • Ideas for Easing Back to School Anxiety from Terra Coaching and Consulting
  • Snack Ideas that the Whole Team/Club/Moms Group will Love
  • After School Arts Programs
  • Preschool 101: Early Learning Programs To Know About (plus we’ve broken down some of the jargon that might have your head spinning!)
  • Advice from Education Team Allies about Starting the Year Right when your child has an IEP
  • How to Team Up with Your Child’s Teacher

… and more!

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