Have you ever (successfully) sat your preschooler in one spot- hoping that they would play with blocks, look at a book, or complete a quiet, seated activity for an extended amount of time, (so that you could get caught up on allthethings)?

Neither have we. It’s not always that easy.

The reason? Kids have to move. A lot.

Preschool is a time of exploration, learning and growth. Studies suggest that exercise for little ones can improve brain function, increase memory, perception, language, attention, emotion and even decision making.

Kangaroo Learning Center at Rebounders Gymnastics

When you consider all of these things, it’s no wonder our little ones have a need to be constantly on the go!

If you’ve lived in or around the Timonium area, you, or someone you know have probably taken a class at Rebounders Gymnastics. They’ve been around since 1975, and have a fully equipped, family-friendly facility that provides gymnastics classes for a variety of skill levels.

But did you know, they also have an active learning preschool?

Kangaroo Learning Center at Rebounders Gymnastics

The Kangaroo Learning Center is part of the Rebounders experience – – with full use of the 16,000 square foot gymnastics facility, daily gymnastics, athletic, and active time! Best part? They have full and part-time learning opportunities. You can customize a program that really works for your child AND your schedule.

A typical day at the center starts out with exploratory play and a weekly themed circle time. You’ll find students in fully structured preschool gymnastics classes, eating snack, engaging with books, puzzles, crafts and letter/number focused activities. It’s perfect for little ones that need to move to feel fully engaged!

Class sizes are small (around 1:4, or 1:7- depending on age), and they have a flexible range of classes for kids from 2-5.

Kangaroo Learning Center at Rebounders Gymnastics

Owner, Lori Stark has her degree in Early Childhood Education, and has been with Rebounders since 1983. “Our program offers multiple gymnastics learning opportunities daily,” said Lori. “Gymnastics in itself offers the basic building blocks for success in any sport. Participants gain skills in balance, coordination, strength, flexibility, space awareness, body awareness and control, the physics of movement and so much more.”

Exercise is super important for preschool children, emphasized Lori. Children are naturally ‘busy’ and want to move ALL of the time. Fostering their natural need and love for movement helps set the foundation for life-long health.
“We try to incorporate movement into all aspects of the programming wherever we can,” said Lori. “It makes the children truly happy. And then they sleep well.”

Active engagement, brain development AND better sleep? What more could a family want!?!


This post is sponsored by Kangaroo Learning Center. For more information about their preschool, visit their listing in our online preschool directory, their website, or call 410-252-3374. Photos provided by Kangaroo Learning Center.