Local dancers are soaring to new heights in MidAtlantic Youth Ballet’s production of Peter Pan… kids as young as first grade are flying!

On Friday, June 7 and Saturday, June 8, MidAtlantic Youth Ballet brings the classic tale of Peter Pan to life at Towson University’s Stephens Hall. Enjoy the journey to Neverland, soaring with pixie dust, swimming with mermaids, and fighting with pirates. With more than 125 dancers in the cast, chances are you may know one of the pint-sized pirates, parrots, mermaids or lost boys — who are learning, at a very young age, how dance tells a story. 

“We create magic when we come onstage,” said artistic director Nadia Letnaunchyn when she addressed the cast during tech rehearsal earlier this week. “It’s our job to make the magic happen for the audience.”

At the heart of each MYB performance is the storytelling. Yes, dance is technical; but it’s also used to convey emotion. Involving kids as young as three and four through adults in the cast allows young dancers to truly understand the process and take on more challenging roles as they grow. When we asked kindergarten and first grade dancers what they loved most about being in Peter Pan, they all chorused: the costumes! the lights! dancing with their friends! the sword fights! being a mermaid!

… and then one little pirate piped up… “I just love everything.”

The magic couldn’t happen without a little bit of pixie dust. Tinkerbell, Peter Pan, and others really do fly during the production– thanks to a professional flying effects company (shhh… don’t spoil the surprise for your kids!). 

Bring your family to experience Neverland! Yes, it’s ok if they squirm or don’t sit through the second act. This is a family-friendly show. Tickets are now on sale. We strongly suggest you purchase them in advance, but they will also be available at the door.

(cool) tip: Be sure to give yourself time to get from the parking lot to the theatre. With construction on Towson University’s campus, there is a bit of a walk.

MidAtlantic Youth Ballet Performs Peter Pan

Friday, June 7 | 7 PM
Saturday, June 8 | 1 PM
Saturday, June 8| 7 PM
Stephens Hall, Towson University
7900 Stephens Ave
Towson, MD 21204