Cambridge School: New Campus, Same Student-Centered Focus

Cambridge School of Baltimore

Cambridge School is known for their commitment to Christ-centered education and an integral, holistic approach to learning that focuses on capturing the imagination of individual learners. Earlier this year, the K-8 school relocated its campus from Pikesville to 6200 North Charles Street (just a skip, hop and a jump away from places like Lake Roland and Towson University). Why? They’re growing!

We met with Head of School, John Blumenstein, to find out more. We asked him about the new campus, what drives the school, and how he hopes a Cambridge student will reflect on the school 20 years from now.

Cambridge School of Baltimore

Conversation with John Blumenstein, Head of Cambridge School

Tell us a little bit about what makes Cambridge so unique.

Cambridge School is strategically located just outside of the city to meet the needs of all kinds of people. We remain committed to ethnic and racial diversity.

Parent partnership is strong. Parents come in and work with kids and share their gifts and talents with our classes. We have a cultural richness at Cambridge that we want to tap into. We hope to create space and community revealing that everyone’s story matters. We encourage development of character, with love and respect to all.

This is my 8th year with Cambridge, and at the core of what we do is a fundamental respect and value for children and childhood. Jesus himself saw children not as inferior but as people to look up to, a radical teaching during his time. We don’t see childhood as something to rush through. We want our students to learn, discover, and grow in a nurturing, spiritually-rich environment.

Cambridge School of Baltimore

Cambridge School of Baltimore

Where is the new campus, and what will it add to the student experience?

It’s beautiful! We have over 7 acres on Charles Street, across from Eddie’s and Starbucks. (Bonus!)

It’s a great location with lots of outdoor space. We have doubled our indoor square footage, too! The location fits like a hand in a glove for our K-8 school needs. The outdoor space is marvelous. We have space for nature trails, and lots of outdoor learning. The possibilities are endless!

How did staff, students and families adjust to the mid-year move?

We moved during MLK weekend and had a fantastic time, with everyone in our school community pitching in. We launched a capital campaign to raise money for construction of the space, and through the help of our contractors and community, all projects were completed on time.

There’s been a lot of buzz about what we love the most about our new space. Everyone has adjusted so well. We have so much more room to grow, and being able to spread out and expand our learning has been such a blessing. Getting to know nooks and crannies as time goes on will be an ongoing adventure.

Where do you see Cambridge in the next 5 years? 20 years?

In the next 5 years, we want to continue exercising our mission in this location. We have space for a growing enrollment. We’d love to serve our community as much and as often as possible. We’d love to keep doing what we’re doing and stay true to our mission as a community of learners, parents and faculty included, serving Baltimore families.

In 20 years, we’d love to be a strong, established part of the academic landscape in Baltimore. We want to prepare our students well, for life through college and beyond, not just academically but socially and spiritually. We want to create strong character values of loving and respecting others, as well as being good stewards of the environment.

We want to see, in 20 years, that our students are still enjoying learning. We want to see our students thriving and flourishing in their chosen fields. When they reflect back, we want them to feel as if the teachers here had something to do with their success. Our teachers and staff pour their lives into their work, and we want them to have great memories of the support and love they received as Cambridge alumni have already reported over the last 20 years.

Cambridge School of Baltimore

Ideally, what do you want Cambridge’s legacy to be?

We have served families and children well. We want our students and families to leave here with a foundation that encourages them to reach their destinies, develops an awareness of people and their value, and identifies ways to serve. We have social and economic diversity, and we cross boundaries, creating rich learning experiences. We want our students to be prepared for situations in and out of the classroom, discovering and pursuing their God-given destinies through high school and through the rest of their lives!


This article  is sponsored by Cambridge School as part of our Cool School Partners series. Read more about Cambridge School in our Independent Schools Directory or call them at (410) 486-3686. Photos by Laura Black.

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