Celebrate spring and the environment with an egg carton garden. It’s easy, educational and it’s good for Mother Earth. Love your mama!

{And it’s a great keep ’em busy activity!}

egg carton garden materials

  • egg carton – the biodegradable kind
  • dirt
  • seeds

egg carton garden instructions

Egg Carton Garden - (cool) progeny

Step 1

This part is optional. Take a pair of scissors and cut off the top and side flap of egg carton. I like to do this because it looks neat and tidy.

Egg Carton Garden - (cool) progeny

Step 2
Fill egg cups with dirt. There are good seed starting varieties of dirt. If you’re growing food, or edible flowers go for an organic dirt.

Egg Carton Garden - (cool) progeny

Step 3
Plant your seeds.

Egg Carton Garden - (cool) progeny

Step 4


Step 5
Place the garden in a sunny window and wait.

Make sure your little guys get lots of water and light. Check on them every day to watch them grow. You’ll notice they bend towards the sun. To help them grow tall and straight, rotate the carton from time to time.

Step 6
Now for the fun part! After the last frost, you can transplant your seedlings outdoors. Just cut along the lines of the carton to free each individual egg cup and plant the whole thing, cup and seedling, in the ground. The cup will biodegrade in the dirt and your little seedling will grow into a mighty fine plant.

Nature is (cool), isn’t it?