Baltimore mom Jessica Kremen has loved fashioned her entire adult life. So when her children were born, it was natural that her fashion sense extend to them.

Except there was one problem. She would would comb through racks and sites looking for specific pieces (prints and silhouettes) that she wanted but couldn’t find them. 

Lily Brown, another Baltimore mom, was running into the same problem.

“I wanted to dress my kids in non-cutesy clothes that I kind of wanted to wear myself but also had a certain functionality,” said Lily. The same functionality all moms want: clothes that you can throw in the wash, last more than one wear, and look great for any occasion.

Jessica started attending New York fabric shows and took a class on starting her own clothing line. Lily took up pattern making and sewing to make the clothes she wanted. 

The serendipitous moment happened when the two met for dinner — and decided that they would be more powerful together.

“It felt so natural and so right,” said Jessica. “We felt that the strengths that each of us brought to the table complimented each other so well and since that night we haven’t looked back.”

They launched their joint clothing line, Worthy Threads, four months later. How do they characterize the aesthetic? A fresh and modern take on vintage silhouettes. 

That fresh vibe is exactly what they brought to their newest collaboration: a unique print inspired by some of Baltimore’s favorite food trucks. We caught up with Jessica and Lily over email to learn more.

Worthy Threads Food Truck Collaboration

Food Trucks and Fabric: A Conversation with Jessica Kremen and Lily Brown of Worthy Threads

Your prints are always so fresh. How do you come up with the ideas?

Choosing our prints could be a full time job! Jessica looks through what seems like thousands per season before selecting the ones that embody our brand. When choosing prints we try to look for ones that don’t scream kids. Of course they can’t be inappropriate for children, but as parents and clothing designers, we want to use fabrics that we want to wear ourselves. More recently, we have also been drawn to prints for girls that you wouldn’t typically find on a dress or a skirt (cars, dinosaurs, equations, etc…) This season we released our very first custom print Food Trucks, which is something that we are really excited and proud of.

Worthy Threads Food Truck Collaboration

Let’s talk Food Trucks — your latest print! It features The Charmery, Chiapparellis, and more. How did the collaboration come about?

If we are known for anything, it’s our unique and funky prints so when we sat down to discuss what our first custom print should look like we knew it couldn’t be ordinary. For whatever reason, a lot of the ideas we were throwing out revolved around food. We started with fruits and vegetables, but that didn’t feel different enough. It was really important to us to create something that we haven’t seen before. During our discussion, we touched on the awesome food scene that has been growing in Baltimore and then Lily mentioned food trucks. Once she said that, we both knew that was it. Bottom line – food trucks are really cool. While the food truck craze really started in LA in 2008, there is a huge food truck movement going on in the United States right now.

Once we decided on a theme, we made a list of all the food trucks we had seen around the city and looked into food truck events to check out even more. We started reaching out to the chefs and were thrilled to secure the ones we did. Lily hand drew each truck and then we would send them out to the owners for feedback. We went through a few many sketches and in the end we came out with something that we were all really proud of. We were most excited to show the country about the Baltimore food truck scene. We love Baltimore and feel really fortunate to be growing a business among such supportive, creative and talented entrepreneurs. We want to give a huge thank you to the five businesses that collaborated with us (and didn’t get mad about our constant emails/calls/texts)… The Charmery, Chiapparellis, Mexican on the Run, Have a Ball Meatballs and Well Crafted Pizza!

Worthy Threads Food Truck Collaboration

So, what’s your families favorite food truck?

Our favorite food trucks are every one included on the print. 

Where can families find Worthy Threads locally?

We are a direct to consumer business so you can find everything at but we do have select pieces at the lovely Doubledutch in Hampden.

Anything new and exciting on the horizon that you can share?

Yes! This season we have decided to have a rolling release instead of dropping all of our products at once. We will be releasing new products every few weeks (to our email subscribers first) and we can’t wait for everyone to see them! We will be re-releasing some of our original favorites along with some great new fabrics and designs in dresses, skirts, boys and loungewear!

Also, after the wonderful response we have gotten from our Food Trucks print since it launched, we are planning 2-3 new custom prints for next season. Our goal is for all of our designs to be made with custom fabric and we are well on our way!


Editor’s Note: Photos provided by Worthy Threads.