Little Lion Challenge Day is on February 11th. Join thousands from across the world as they perform a random act of kindness and prove that small acts of kindness make a BIG ROAR! Now in it’s 6th Year, Little Lion Challenge Day is an opportunity to celebrate being kind. 

To participate, all you need to do is ANY act of kindness on February 11th. Then post about your act of kindness on social media, tagging @littlelionchallenge and using the hashtag #LittleLionChallenge. Then when you visit our website or, you’ll be able to see ALL of the acts of kindness happening in real time! It’s a pretty powerful way to show your kids how small acts make a BIG roar!

Need a few ideas? Here are 100 Acts of Kindness you can do with kids.

100 Acts of Kindness You Can Do with Kids

  1. Make friendship bracelets for friends. 
  2. Walk your neighbor’s dog.
  3. Organize a yoga pop-up for friends. Invite a yoga instructor over to help everyone find their zen.
  4. Buy a $5 gift card and tape it to a random shopping cart with a note.
  5. Purchase a cup of coffee/breakfast sandwich for the customer in line behind you.
  6. Offer to pick-up groceries for a friend who’s under the weather or an elderly neighbor.
  7. Put coins in an expired meter.
  8. Write a letter (yes, one with a stamp!) to a friend you haven’t seen in a while. Be sure to mail it.
  9. Take a minute to direct someone who is lost, even if you’re in a hurry.
  10. Go through your closet and make a clothing donation.
  11. Bring a co-worker or friend coffee or a baked treat.
  12. Offer to babysit for a single-parent — or any couple you know needs a night out.
  13. Send a thank you note to your child’s/your teacher.
  14. Drop a note to someone’s supervisor and let them know what a great job s/he did.
  15. Host a snow cone/hot chocolate/lemonade stand for your neighborhood.
  16. Make a $15 donation (or more if you can spare it) to your favorite charity. 
  17. Leave a great tip for a waiter who did a fantastic job. With a kind note.
  18. Put someone’s shopping cart back for them.
  19. Volunteer at your local assisted living and just talk/visit with residents.
  20. Purchase and donate something from the Kennedy Krieger Wish List. (Your kiddo will love picking out the perfect toy!)
  21. Bake cookies for your local firefighter department or police department.
  22. Buy lunch for a complete stranger sitting at a table near you.
  23. Make banana bread for an elderly/new parent neighbor and stop by with it, two cups of tea and 20 minutes to chat.
  24. Drop everything and call a friend to chat.
  25. Create a little free library.
  26. Give cold bottled water to delivery people or garbage men.
  27. Donate extra/unwanted/unused coupons to military families abroad through Troopons.
  28. Buy new, all snap premie, newborn, 0-3 month and 3-6 month pajamas to donate to your local NICU or Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital. (The all-snap is important!)
  29. Drop off a healthy snack to the nurses at a local medical facility.
  30. Ninja-style dinner drop-off. Send dinner (via a restaurant or a homemade dinner basket) to a friend.
  31. Make Get Well cards for patients at your local hospital.
  32. Bring your own grocery bags when shopping at Whole Foods and donate the $.05 savings to a local charity.
  33. Make care packages for the homeless.
  34. Help someone with yard work.
  35. Clean up your neighborhood park or playground.
  36. Write compliment notes telling classmates why you think they are awesome. 
  37. Collect canned food and donate it to a local shelter (be sure the cans are ‘pop tops’ and don’t require a can opener).
  38. Create a music play list for a friend or family member.
  39. Start a ‘giving’ piggy bank change fund. Every time you have spare change, place it in the jar. Have your child decide where to donate the change each month.
  40. Make and hand-out help coupons.
  41. Organize a Teddy Bear/Blanket/Bedtime Story Drive with your mom’s group, child’s school or church. Create packages and deliver to your local hospital or shelter.
  42. Bring in your neighbor’s trash cans.
  43. Volunteer at the Maryland Food Bank.
  44. Take or send someone to the movies. With a box of Milk Duds.
  45. Leave change in a vending machine.
  46. Make a school supply kit for your teacher.
  47. Offer your handyman/service repair person a beverage and a snack.
  48. Create a Birthday Box for a local shelter (cards, cake mix, frosting, pans, balloons, streamers – – anything to help them make birthdays brighter!)
  49. Surprise your child’s coach! Get your kid’s team parents together and think of something the coach would really appreciate: a gift card to a local sporting goods store, a favorite snack at practice, or just a thank you note with a list of things all the kids love about him/her.
  50. Donate a new or gently used coat to House of Ruth.
  51. DEAP. Drop. Everything. And. Play. Invite your child’s friends over, too.
  52. Organize lunch for the staff at your child’s school.
  53. Read to younger kids.
  54. Be a foster pet parent for BARCS.
  55. Read to animals at a shelter.
  56. Donate animal care supplies to your local rescue.
  57. Donate your locks to Locks of Love. And get a brand new ‘do in the process!
  58. Random Note of Inspiration. Leave sticky notes with inspirational messages on them in random places, such as a grocery store shelf, the mirror in a public bathroom, or on a car’s windshield.
  59. Make a family member breakfast in bed.
  60. Use Good Search. Every time you search, a donation is made to a charity organization you designate.
  61. Leave an interesting book on your seat as you exit public transport or on a bench (with a note!).
  62. Buy a lottery ticket for friend, family member or complete stranger. {Here’s how we did it — ninja princess style}
  63. Craft it forward. Make “You Are Special” boxes.
  64. Drop a bouquet (or several small bouquets) off at your local hospital or nursing home. The nurses will know who needs it most.
  65. Buy a family membership to a local attraction (Science Center, Aquarium, Zoo) for family that could use it.
  66. Donate diapers to ShareBaby.
  67. Ask the grocery clerk to apply your unused coupons to another customer’s items.
  68. Take a plate of homemade muffins into the administrative offices of your favorite non-profit or local business.
  69. Send a dessert to the table next to you.
  70. Volunteer to read to kids at an after school program.
  71. Help traveling parents (especially those flying solo with kids) get their belongings (strollers, car seats, bags) from security to their gate at the airport. Or on and off the bus.
  72. Have your child create art (painting, marker drawing, etc) and mail it to grandparents.
  73. Fill someone’s gas tank — or give a gas card.
  74. Mow your neighbor’s lawn, weed their front flower bed or drop a new potted plant on their doorstep.
  75. Invite someone new over for dinner.
  76. Tape pre-packaged popcorn to a RedBox for someone’s next movie night.
  77. Give away free compliments.
  78. Kind Bomb” your local library.
  79. Drop treats off at your local post office.
  80. Send your kids on a secret service mission.
  81. Donate your expertise to someone. Yep, just tell them it’s ‘on the house.’
  82. Send mail to the children or grandparents in your life. They all LOVE getting mail.
  83. Learn CPR and basic first aid training.
  84. Visit with a friend or family member in the hospital. Come with a care package.
  85. Do a load of laundry for someone or leave detergent pods at a local laundromat.
  86. Care for the caregiver. Send a little something special or a note to someone who is caring for an elderly relative, sick family member, special needs child, etc.
  87. Order magazine subscriptions for a nursing home, home-bound friend or relative.
  88. Drop coloring books, crayons, books, art kits, puzzles by your local children’s hospital.
  89. Leave power bars/granola bars in the gym locker room.
  90. Bring a case of water and orange slices to your kid’s sports practice.
  91. Leave fake mustaches for someone with a note: “I mustache you if this would make you smile? Enjoy the laugh!”
  92. Bury treasure at the playground.
  93. Write happy notes on the sidewalk with sidewalk chalk.
  94. Ask for kindness instead of gifts for your birthday. Have friends and family members do random acts of kindness in your name!
  95. Make and deliver playdough to a local shelter. Package it with cookie cutters for maximum play value.
  96. Dollar bomb the Dollar Store. Leave random $1 bills attached to toys and coloring books. You will make some child’s DAY!
  97. Treat someone to a free car wash.
  98. Make a Bird Feeder
  99. Collect gloves and hats for a local shelter, or for your preschool to give to kids if they lose a glove or forget at home.
  100. Make Kindness Stones and scatter in your neighborhood, local park, or nearby trail.