Girls’ lives are busy. Academic classes, sports teams practices, rehearsals, social gatherings — their schedules can be dizzying. It can be a challenge for parents to know that each of their needs are being met.

The Bryn Mawr School accepted the challenge. The school devised a solution to be sure that their students’ are feeling “wholly” nourished – by food, friends, and their co-curricular interests like arts and athletics. How? By extending services and support for their students in a meaningful way that transcends classroom walls and academic hours.

Introducing Whole Girl, Whole Day.

The Whole Girl, Whole Day initiative is a direct outgrowth of Bryn Mawr’s strategic plan, The Bryn Mawr Way: A Contemporary Vision for What Girls Need to Thrive, which builds on Bryn Mawr’s powerful academic reputation to ensure that students are nurtured and supported in every aspect of their lives

Bryn Mawr School Bryn Mawr School

Whole Girl, Whole Day is our approach to learning and healthy living by integrating the intellectual, physical and personal development of each girl, in and out of the classroom, before, during, and after school,” said Assistant Director of Communications, Arielle Amegashie.

Located in Baltimore, Maryland, The Bryn Mawr School is an independent, all-girls kindergarten, elementary, middle and high school with a co-ed preschool for ages 2 months through 5 years. Set on 26-acre campus near Roland Park, Bryn Mawr is a second home to many girls in the area.

Faculty and staff have long been supporting their students each day academically, socially, athletically and emotionally, but felt it was important to bring all these things together under a unified initiative.

“Students are spending the majority of their day with us, so we believe it is important to care for the whole girl for the whole day. That means that our students are nourished and supported from the moment they step foot on campus early in the morning, to the moment they leave after athletic games, activities, or play rehearsal” said Ms. Amegashie.

Bryn Mawr School

How is this initiative supported? Currently, the school has lots of arts and athletic opportunities, nutritious meals and snacks in the cafeteria space before school and throughout the day, and expanded after school programing such as robotics, arts, and yoga under their new after school enrichment program, Gateways.

This February, the school will break ground on a new Student Center, which will make a tangible impact on the daily life of every student at Bryn Mawr and is poised to transform life on campus. The space will feature a large dining hall that allows for expanded cooking and serving, areas for meetings and other gatherings, a new café with food and snacks available throughout the day for students and families, and flexible seating that creates space for students and teachers to work and relax.

The facility is more than just a dining hall and aims to nurture girls socially and physically, too. The Student Center will have dressing rooms and a scene shop for students who are participating in theater productions, locker rooms for students and athletes, and new cardio and weight facilities. An interior hallway — just like a major artery — will help connect this new “heart” of the campus from the school’s main entrance on Northern Parkway to the academic side.

Bryn Mawr School

“This is all about the student experience. We want to be sure our students are supported and nourished— by food, community, and activities— from the moment they step foot on our campus until they leave in the evening. The New Student Center will be the hub of campus where students can gather, play, socialize, collaborate, relax and strengthen bonds with classmates and teammates,” shared Ms. Amegashie.

Bryn Mawr students and alumnae playfully refer to their community as “Mawrtian Nation,” where everyone feels a sense of belonging to the school by participating in the same traditions and sharing their unique experiences. We have a feeling that the new student center will be a really (cool) new Mawrtian hang out!

This article is part of our school partner profile series. To learn more about The Bryn Mawr School visit their profile in our independent school directory. Image renderings provided by The Bryn Mawr School.