Just what does ice cream made with camel hump fat taste like? That’s just one of the ‘epicurean’ adventures you can take at The Charmery’s “Fear Factory.”

Do you have what it takes to survive five Fear Factory flavors that will stretch the limits of where you thought ice cream could go?

Known for their eclectic deliciousness, The Charmery is kicking things up to a scary notch this Halloween at their Union Collective location. They’re daring guests to try five spooky flavors for a chance at Ice Cream Fan notoriety. IF you can eat a baby scoop of all five “Fear Factory” flavors, you will be forever immortalized in the Fear Factory Hall of Fame and get a Cone Card.

(As disclaimed on their Facebook page, the actual Fear Factory Hall of Fame exists only in our souls.)

The Charmery Fear Factory - (cool) progeny

Here’s what is on the menu:

Story of the Ghost (ghost pepper chili ice cream)
Chocolate and Crickets
Snickles (pckle ice cream with Snicker bits)
My Humps My Humps (bananas fried in camel hump fat)
Sriracha Pea

You can share the bowl with as many people as you want but each empty bowl equals 1 cone card.

The Charmery Fear Factory - (cool) progeny

Head to The Charmery TONIGHT (October 25) or on Halloween between 5 PM and 10 PM to take on the Fear Factor Challenge! For more information, visit their Facebook Page.

Editor’s Note: Photographs provided by The Charmery.