At GreenMount School, we know and value the importance of play. It helps educate the whole child, developing emotional intelligence and engagement with the real world, and it helps better connect our students to our academic curricula. We wouldn’t be who we are without it.

From the youngest ages to the upper grades, different forms of play enable problem solving and negotiating skills, satisfy curiosity, and allow for creativity, and it is integrated throughout the school.

GreenMount School

Play is especially important for the kindergarten student. Children are learning many things at this age, but social and emotional development, through engagement with their peers, is especially important. By enabling students to explore their environment and their relationships to others through play, we help them learn to share, to negotiate with others, and to take responsibility for their part in the classroom community. Play also improves the absorption of academic content, as it comes couched in their own experience and experimentation, rather than delivered by rote. Learning through play helps children develop a foundation of self-confidence, for their continued schooling, and for their lives.

GreenMount School

Play and hands-on experience wind their way through the curriculum in higher grades, too. GreenMount School prioritizes real-world learning in the classroom, through experimentation and project-based experiences, but also through field trips and other travel. Camping trips play a key role in grades 4-8. Children spend time outdoors with peers, teachers, and often families, learning more about each other and themselves through play-based activity, and through exploring nature, nourishing their sense of wonder.

Play opportunities extend in other ways through our extended-day ECHOES program. Each afternoon, we provide play space for students of all ages, giving them chances to interact with each other, learn from each other, and better understand one another. In addition to ample indoor enrichment opportunities, ECHOES features outside activities daily, including time on our natural playground where they climb trees, build bamboo forts, make mud pies in our outdoor kitchen.

At GreenMount School we offer the time and space to grow inside and outside the classroom!

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