Hey teachers and school administrators — this is an announcement for you! We’re excited to announce a NEW (cool) progeny endeavor: the Student Voices project!

What is it? An opportunity for schools in the Greater Baltimore area to publish original student-produced content on (cool) progeny’s website and social media channels. Every Monday (beginning in mid-October), we will be publishing content from one of the schools enrolled in the project. We highly recommend that teachers use this as an opportunity to students to have an authentic publishing platform. Students could write about an activity at their school to hone writing/media production skills they are learning or use it to demonstration content knowledge. 

What are we looking for? A class (or group of students) at your school to produce an article and/or video for publication on (cool) progeny. Alternatively, a teacher could sponsor an individual student. Participating schools can select a topic of their choosing (we need to approve it), but must sign up in advance to receive a publication week. There is no age preference or limit for this project; we’re inviting preK-Grade 12 students to participate! Independent, public schools, charter schools… all are invited to participate!

In addition, participating schools can request to have a 20 minute Google Hangout Q&A session with the editor of (cool) progeny or one of our team members, to talk about what it’s like to produce web content or to review/mentor their project as they are developing it.

(cool) Student Voices - (cool) progenyInterested? Send an email to education@coolprogeny.com with your contact information and we’ll get you enrolled!