Being CEO of your family isn’t easy. When you’re in the trenches and your days are overscheduled (because, hey, those days happen to the best of us!), the last thing you have the energy to think about is … you.

But in order to take care of your family, you have to take care of your self first. Sure, self-care means scheduling the pedicure or making time for your friends. But it also means making your health as much of a priority as your kids’ health. You don’t skip your kids’ annual physicals, right? Don’t skip yours either.

Dr. Pam, First Step Chiropractic - (cool) progeny

Dr. Pamela Woodward (Dr. Pam) of First Step Chiropractic in Mt. Washington, believes chiropractic health should be part of everyone’s wellness journey — especially moms. That’s why her practice specializes in chiropractic services for women and children, including infants.

“Most people don’t come in saying I’m looking to improve how my nervous system functions,” said Dr. Pam. “It’s usually headaches or lower back pain that bring them in.”

Surprisingly, many of her patients are moms who developed back pain after childbirth and thought it was ‘just something they’d have to live with.’ The pain, she said, typically developed after their six week postpartum check-up.

“It’s definitely not anything anyone should live with.”

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Editor’s Note: This mini feature is sponsored by First Step Chiropractic who wants to help Baltimore moms on their wellness journey. Photos by Wendy Hickok, Wendy Hickok Photography.