Mezze: an appetizer. (cool) synonym: pint-sizer friendly food!

We all know appetizers are perfect kid-friendly food. That’s why Mediterranean mezze-style eating is perfect for families: a table full of fun, healthy eating options that everyone can share. So if you thought Harbor East’s Cava Mezze was just for date night, think again. It’s definitely for kids, too!

“We’re definitely about healthy eating and we love when families join us,” said Maurizio Luise, regional operations director for the restaurant family (which also has four other locations throughout Maryland and D.C.). 

Shared small plates not only provides an opportunity for your child to try a variety of new dishes, but it also gives your family an opportunity to connect and chat. Dishes come out as they are ready, so there is plenty of time to tell knock-knock jokes with the littles between dishes or get your child excited about being an adventurous eater. And with dishes averaging $8-$12, the adventurous dining experience is wallet-friendly.

Need even more reason to try Cava Mezze? They’re participating in Baltimore Summer Restaurant Week — which has been extended through August 12!

Pint-Sized Dining at Cava Mezze - (cool) progeny

Cava Mezze invited a few of our pint-sized taste testers to pick their favorite dishes. Here’s what they liked (so definitely try them with your kiddos!):

Pint-Sized Dining at Cava Mezze - (cool) progeny

Lollipop Chicken

Or, affectionately called by our kiddos, “chicken on a bone.” Deliciously cooked with honey, greek yogurt, and walnuts, this dish scored highest with our taste testers! Even more so than the Chicken Souvlaki (grilled chicken on a skewer with onions, olive oil, lemon, and herbs).

Pint-Sized Dining at Cava Mezze - (cool) progeny

Pint-Sized Dining at Cava Mezze - (cool) progeny

Watermelon Salad

Cubes of watermelon with feta, mint, watermelon radish, olive tapenade, black sesame seeds, and red wine vinaigrette. All three of our tasters loved this! 

Pint-Sized Dining at Cava Mezze - (cool) progeny

Street Corn

All of the little eyes widened when this dish came out! The grilled corn is usually served with spicy aioli, feta, and mico cilantro — but our tasters preferred it without any toppings. 

Pint-Sized Dining at Cava Mezze - (cool) progeny

Mac and Cheese

Every restaurant in town has their own version of the kid classic and Cava Mezze is no exception! Their dish comes with arugula, feta, kefalograviera cheese, and hazelnuts. 

Pint-Sized Dining at Cava Mezze - (cool) progeny


You really can’t go to a Mediterranean restaurant and not order the hummus, right? The chickpea, tahini, and citrus combo took a little getting used to for our kiddos that hand’t had hummus before. But the pita bread? They all asked for seconds.

Cava Mezze

Harbor East
1302 Fleet Street
Baltimore, MD 21202
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Editor’s Note:  All photos by Laura Black, Laura Black Photography


Baltimore Summer Restaurant Week runs through July 27 – August 12th! (YES! It’s been extended!) Baltimore is a delicious city. Try somewhere new, grab lunch instead of eating at your desk, have a date night (or three). Restaurants aren’t skimping on the food, instead they are showcasing their chefs and menus in hopes of luring you back as a forever customer.  Two-course brunch and lunch menus range from $12-20. Three-course dinner menus range from $20-$35. Reservations are not required to get the deals, but recommended.