A Fairy Garden can be found just about anywhere, but you have to look closely! Have you ever been on a fairy-garden finding adventure? If you decide to go on one, it’s best to build a fairy house first. When fairy’s find a house you made for them, they normally build a garden around it!

Want to learn how to make a fairy house? It’s so simple! You’ll need just a few supplies to get started.

Materials to Make a Fairy House

a toilet paper roll
cereal box cardboard
hot glue gun and glue sticks
leaves and flowers from the garden

How to Make a Fairy House - (cool) progeny

Fairy House Craft for Kids

Step 1
Paint a toilet paper roll and cut out a small rectangle from cereal box cardboard. For extra detail, you can use craft scissors with a scalloped edge. This will be your roof.

Step 2
Fold the roof in half and paint it as well.

How to Make a Fairy House - (cool) progeny

Step 3
Allow the paint to completely dry and then glue the roof to the top of the paper roll.

Step 4
Glue a layer of leaves to the roof and then finally a layer of flowers and you are finished!

How to Make a Fairy House - (cool) progeny

Tuck your house into a potted plant or your favorite garden spot and you are all set!
How to Make a Fairy House - (cool) progeny

Happy fairy house making!

Editor’s Note: This article originally appeared in 2014.