In our picture book travels series with St. Paul’s Plus Preschool, we’ll be sharing fun ways to integrate cultural exploration through your preschool reading adventures at home! Each article will include a story to read together, craft idea, fun country facts, and a suggesting for taking your exploration out of the house.

Today we’re exploring the country of Colombia and making fun paper bag books!

The Book: Biblioburro: A True Story from Colombia

Biblioburro is based on a true story. What happens in the story? Well, Luis loves to read, but soon his house in Colombia is so full of books there’s barely room for the family. He comes up with the perfect solution–a traveling library! He buys two donkeys–Alfa and Beto–and travels with them throughout the land, bringing books and reading to the children in faraway villages. (Yes, this story is based on a true story!)

 “This story is a reminder of the joy of books and the difference one individual can make even when up against many obstacles,” said Susan Aiken, World Cultures Teacher at St. Paul’s Plus.

Activity: Make a Paper Bag Book


  • 4 brown paper lunch sacks
  • Colorful twine
  • White paper
  • Double sided tape
  • Hole puncher
  • Measuring tape
  • Scissors
  • Crayons



Cut your twine into pieces you can use for binding. You want them long enough to tie a bow, but not so long that you’ll have a lot of waste. You’ll want to use lots of different colors!

Lie your paper bags on top of each other, all facing the same way, with the fold on the back.

Fold your bags in half together and use your hole punch to punch 3 holes

Tie a piece of colored twine in each hole (I tied 3 different colors in each hole) and trim to about 1″ long

Now cut 5 pieces of white paper 5″x 4 3/4″ and use your double sided tape to stick them onto the paper bag pages.


Fun Facts About Colombia

  • ​The official language of Colombia is Spanish.
  • Columbia’s coffee is world renowned.
  • The currency of Colombia is called the Colombian peso.
  • The most popular sport in Colombia is football (soccer).
  • Other popular sports are roller-skating and baseball.

Extend the Adventure

Did you know there is a donkey rescue nearby? Little Longears Miniature Donkey Rescue is located in Westminster, Maryland. Their primary goal is to rescue donkeys from neglectful, or abusive situations. They also take owner surrenders if someone is no longer able or willing to care for their donkey. On May 19th, the Rescue is hosting a lunch meet and greet. This is your chance to come meet all of their donkeys, enjoy some lunch, and take all the photos you want!   Sandwiches, hotdogs, chips and drinks are included in the $10 ticket price. LEARN MORE

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Photos by Allie Webster, Allie Elizabeth Photography